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    The Most Honorable Way to Dispatch Tomatoes

    If tomatoes have souls, murdering them and offering them to the gods of marinara sauce is a totally decent thing to do. What an afterlife, right? Okay. This started weird.  Marinara sauce is one of those sauces that can be as easy to make as you want it to be, but there are also endless modifications you can do to really make it your own. There’s some debate over what a real traditional Italian marinara sauce is, the truth is, no one freakin’ knows. I don’t think Italians even know–there are different traditions in different regions and among different families. The point is, it’s fun to experiment with, and it’s delicious…

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    How to Succeed in Pasta Without Really Trying

    I don’t want to be dramatic; it would be very unlike me, anyway, but I do want to make this perfectly clear in the best way I can: pasta is the best food on any planet in the entire history–past, present, or future–of the universe. Pasta is like magic. It can be transformed into so many shapes, textures, and flavors, and making it is like art: creative, unpredictable, fluid. At least, it can be. Making pasta can be just a necessary thing: something quick, easy, and cheap to make a lot of. In fact, this is one of the reasons I love pasta so much: it was always there for…

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    Here We Go

    Well, here it is. The summation of months, no, years, maybe--of stopping, starting, starting over, forgetting, refreshing, and starting over again. This is maybe the, I don't know, eighth rendition of my "blog" the world has seen. It's never been quite right before, but now it is. And again, here it is! They say starting is the hardest part, so let's never start this again.