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Hello Again!

Wow, I have neglected my poor, precious little dude much more than I anticipated I would when I moved to Madrid!

I guess I could tell you that I’ve been too busy to maintain this blog—that I’m out there living my *best* life! Galavanting! Glowing! And, you know, in some ways, I have. Actually, yeah, sure. That is what I have been doing!

But, do you know what living your best life and galavanting and glowing looks like in the first six months or so after moving to a foreign country? It looks a little bit like this:

  • panicking
  • grocery shopping
  • making friends!
  • a hangover
  • looking for a job
  • more grocery shopping
  • getting too many jobs
  • figuring out how the shower works
  • panicking again
  • chopping off all of your hair, because you are IN CONTROL OF THIS, JJ
  • making more friends!
  • another hangover?
  • going to the emergency room
  • working
  • grocery shopping
  • panicking again once you thought you were done with panicking once and for all
  • another freaking hangover?

Honestly guys, I could go on, but you get the gist. Sprinkle in some traveling and generous amounts of laughing and bonding with new friends, and that’s a fairly accurate snapshot of my day-to-day life since I’ve moved abroad.

But now, I’m back in the game and I have some plans for where I want this blog to go in the foreseeable future. In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting a series of posts about moving to Madrid. I’ve already told you why I moved to Madrid, but now I want to tell you the nuts and bolts of how I did it: the planning, the visa, the move, and everything it took to take myself from dreaming this up to sitting my living room in Spain.

I’ll also be publishing a series of posts about what it’s really like living as an expat in Spain. Things like how to find an apartment, what the job scene is like, dating, going to the doctor—the stuff you only have to think about when you’re going to be living somewhere. I hope these posts will help people who are curious about living abroad and also shed a little light to take away some of the doubts that might linger.

I mentioned I’ve done a little traveling in my nearly eight months in Europe, so I’ll share posts of each of my destinations with some pictures and stories from each.

Welcome back and write on, dude!

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