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    The Visa

    I remember thinking that this must be so easy. It can't be that hard to move to a foreign country, right? You hear about people doing it all the time, especially in the TEFL world. How hard can it be? My friends, welcome to the world of PAPERWORK. Get comfy, you'll be here forever.

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    Hello Again!

    Wow, I have neglected my poor, precious little dude much more than I anticipated I would when I moved to Madrid! I guess I could tell you that I’ve been too busy to maintain this blog—that I’m out there living my *best* life! Galavanting! Glowing! And, you know, in some ways, I have. Actually, yeah, sure. That is what I have been doing! But, do you know what living your best life and galavanting and glowing looks like in the first six months or so after moving to a foreign country? It looks a little bit like this: panicking grocery shopping making friends! a hangover looking for a job more…

  • Moving to Madrid

    I’m moving to Madrid!

    When I visited Spain two years ago, I was captivated by it. It felt natural, it felt comfortable, it felt like home to me. I had never experienced this feeling while traveling before, and no matter how much I’ve loved a destination, I haven’t felt it since. I feel like some part of me knew that I’d end up back in Spain, I mean, just look at that cryptic-ass caption I wrote on the photo above—“Until we meet again…”—with a target emoji and everything?! It’s like my soul knew then that Madrid was the bullseye. But why would I give up my entire life in Southern California, which is basically…